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Reuven Yoffe Ltd. is a family company that manufactures Agricultural and Industrial Machinery and Equipment. The company offers a wide variety of standard or custom designed products, from the planning and development phases to production.
The company employs highly professional and experienced engineers, who place great emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality of service and on-time delivery. Quality is our top priority and safety regulations, work procedures, product quality assurance and outstanding professionalism are of the utmost importance. Reuven Yoffe Ltd. has an ISO9001-2000 certified quality assurance system.
The company has been an authorized supplier for the Israel Ministry of Defense since 1974, as well as for security agencies and military organizations.

Design and Development Services
Our engineering teams provide integrated and comprehensive solutions for turning ideas into products.

Electric Fencing
In 1950, Reuven Yoffe Ltd. became the first manufacturer of pulse generators and electric fencing in Israel for agricultural and security uses, and is still the leading manufacturer today. 
Our pulse generators are specifically designed to meet the extreme demands of the Israeli climate and the customers' requirements. The company has accumulated extensive knowhow and vast experience,
through on-going and successful cooperation with its many customers.
The company manufactures, supplies and installs electric fencing equipment in a variety of
configurations. We also provide training, field service, consultancy and turnkey solutions for customers worldwide. The pulse generators have a safety certificate from the IDF, are EN61011 certified and have the seal of the Standards Institution of Israel. 
Reuven Yoffe Ltd. is the exclusive representative of Dare Products Inc. (USA) in Israel – the manufacturer of a broad line of electric fence accessories.

Molds for Rotational Molding 
Since 1992, Reuven Yoffe Ltd. has been producing molds for plastic product manufacturers worldwide, for bulky products that hold up to 20,000 liters and have a complex geometric structure. We pay meticulous attention to customer requirements, precise dimensions and high quality finishes.

Products for Agriculture: 
We manufacture a wide variety of agricultural machinery, including:
• Tractor operated welding generators and ground drills.
• Milk mixers for calves and other animals.
• Rotating egg washers for hen-houses.
• Agricultural cultivation equipment for orchards and the milk sector.
• Accessories for the olive sector, olive presses and packaging warehouses.
 • Electric engines, transmission gears and transmission units for a variety of uses. 

Reuven Yoffe Ltd. is the sole importer, marketer and service provider for Paterlini (Italy) products, which include olive picking accessories and pneumatic shearing equipment, a wide variety of tractor operated compressors and equipment and machinery for vineyards and orchards.

Vending Machines
Designer and manufacturer of automatic vending machines for selling newspapers and magazines, developed from prototype to serial production. Services include installation, field service and maintenance. Our customers include Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's
largest daily newspaper.

Industrial Products:
Manufacturer of forklift mounted manbaskets, storage boxes, industrial storage carts and moving carts and automatic barriers. Our customers include Yedioth Communications Printing Houses, Industrial factories, olive oil factories and packaging warehouses. Our long-standing customers continuously benefit from our wide range of products, extensive know-how, vast experience and high-quality of service.
Among our customers you can find: Security agencies and military organizations, the Israel Police, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Jewish National Fund, the Israel Ministry of Agriculture, Yedioth Aharonot newspaper, Mehadrin Group, Jung Etgar Agricultural Automation, Amir chain store, Granot Central Cooperative Ltd., Gabby Sadan Winery, Dalton Winery, Golan Winery, Barkan Winery and Kibbutzes and private farmers across Israel and overseas.

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